Exchange Coaching

Aspiring or newly qualified coach looking to exchange practise sessions?

Practising coach who recognises the power of reciprocal coaching?

Whether you want to hone your skills, get help building a coaching practice or just enjoy the benefits of unlimited coaching, our real-time, targeted coach-matching service will let you do it.

The Coaching Exchange provides a "playground" where you can develop your own uniquely brilliant way of working by coaching others...

...and receive unlimited targeted coaching to help you realise your own potential.

You simply allocate as much or as little time as you like on your Coaching Calendar and our real-time, targeted coach-matching service will do the rest.

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Ready to start or grow your coaching practice?


Free, monthly, coaching clinics on starting or growing your practice, with our mentor coaches and very special guest coaches. See top coaches in action and even get some coaching yourself, to help you take a leap forward in developing the practice that is the most authentic, brilliant expression of who you are.

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