On The Coaching Exchange...

“A brilliantly simple and beautiful platform!!” – Sara, UK

“This is brilliant. What a terrific resource!” – John Countryman, US

“This system is brilliant. And it sorts out the time difference too, making it so much easier to book sessions.” - Maria Ginnerup, Denmark

“Super easy to use!” – Kimberley Kaase, US

“This is really excellent!!! So fluid and easy to use.” – Lauren, UK

"Truly simplistic genius!" - Simon Robson, UK

On exchanging coaching through The Coaching Exchange...

When you see the kind of testimonials that the coaches on The Coaching Exchange are leaving for each other, it really starts to sink in that every single one of us already has everything we need: 

“…I got on a deeper level that building a business can be much more effortless than I thought.”

“I feel incredible peace and confidence after our session. I can see the path for me.” 

“I feel more connected with my 'deeper self', with the flow and joy of life and I feel more love, respect and compassion for myself.”

“I have gotten much better focus. I am writing again with fun and curiosity and applying my daily habits to the important things that matter and life is much 'lighter' again.”

Business coaching from a deeper space - outstanding.

I am in a new phase of my evolution, and it brought a need to redefine my relationship with coaching, business and charging clients. Karolina Gladych is an amazing person to go on this journey into undefined territory with. Her questions and curiosity helped me to see things I couldn't on my own. Her vibrant, happy spirit made it so enjoyable and easy for me. I got what I was looking for. And she is a pure delight to be with.” Elena Castro 

"My thoughts settled and I was able to see clearly the situation again

Many thanks Sally Coton, for the great session we had. I helped me very much. You are a great listener and you pointed me back to the truth I was not able to see at the moment. I felt you really knew how life works and what means to be human. A big burden fell of my shoulders. Thank you again." - Sandi Jerman 

"Following coaching from Bart Loos in The Coaching Exchange, I took on a challenge to have 10 conversations in the following week.  One of them referred a lovely lady to me and following a 2-hour discovery session yesterday she signed up for a 3 month coaching package. So today I am celebrating my very first package client!" - Therese Taylor

I'm growing my coaching business at the moment and got stuck about a particular decision. Not only did the coaching help me see the answer for myself, I also gathered loads of valuable bits and pieces about building a successful business on the way. And the most amazing thing: I got on a deeper level that building a business can be much more effortless than I thought." - Veronika Kuehn

“I've been doing 3 and 4 co-coaching sessions this last couple of weeks, and I have experienced some amazing insights - including while being the coach as well as while being coached. Often I go into a session without any idea what I will talk about - and come out with results that are changing my life!!!” - Anne Curtis

"Working with a coach helped me in so many ways. One of the biggest has been about leading clients all the way through the coaching conversation. It has made a really big positive difference in the way I show up with my clients now, plus it's helped me sign up more clients this year than I ever have before." - Jamie Matthewman

"Receiving coaching showed me where I'd been underselling myself and my impact, which led me to charge four times my original sum for a fixed contract which was easily signed off by the client. I didn't doubt that it would because I had that connection with myself following the coaching conversation." - Stephanie Byrne

"The issue was that I wanted to create things for my business, but whenever I started creating or even just thought about it I froze because of loads of insecure thinking. Since the coaching call my confusion settled and I've created a bunch of things. The old fear is barely noticeable and it doesn't keep me from doing stuff any more. Which is a little miracle." - Veronika Kuehn

"I had a wonderful experience yesterday. Gavin Pressman was the coach and I the coachee.  What was interesting to me was how much the 'feeling' of the conversation impacted me. Sure the content was fun, but what I gained the most was the 'feeling' it left me in. As I'd hoped, the session settled me down and that's what I, (almost always), need most - once I'm settled down, I can work the rest out for myself, normally! I didn't really have anything I wanted to talk about particularly, I mostly knew that just stopping and sitting in that presence that is palpable in coaching sessions was what I wanted, and would be enough.

… if anyone is feeling up in their head, you don't really know exactly what it is you want to talk about, or perhaps you do!, but you know you want to stop and re-set and walk away from the session with a clearer head and in a nicer feeling, please don't hesitate to be in touch, it would be my pleasure to hold that same space for you.  Warmest wishes to everyone here - what a fabulous community." Kate Barsby

"I've found with receiving coaching that opportunities I had closed off as 'not being for me', when explored actually were for me if I wanted them," - â€‹Mairéad Kelly