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"We all recognise the power of coaching to help others better access their unlimited potential - but are we making the most of our own? Reciprocal coaching can make all the difference when it comes to realising our ideas, dreams and visions."

Emma McDevitt, founder of The Coaching Exchange

Passionate about making a living by making a difference?

You get a lot of people selling a dream of a 6 or 7 figure coaching practice using their secret winning formula.  It's a nice idea, but we all know it doesn't work like that.  The real juice is in you, not in someone else's formula, and so the "secret", if there is one, to making the living you want to as a coach, is to bring out the genius in you:

  1. Your own personal transformation is the number one factor in your success as a coach.  It's the basis of your impact in every area.  And you can foster it by getting lots of coaching.
  2. Your impact as a coach is the number two factor.  And the more coaching you do, the more impactful your coaching will become. It really is that simple.

As a new coach

Receiving impactful coaching can make the difference between getting stuck at the first (or second or third) hurdle and turning your passion for making a difference into a business that thrives on your terms.

As an established coach

It can prove vital in inspiring your progression beyond what you'd originally imagined to be possible.

So whether you want to create a thriving coaching practice, grow the one you already have, collaborate with others on the creation of something new or simply enjoy a more beautiful experience of life...The Coaching Exchange provides you with unlimited opportunity to benefit from the transformative power of coaching.

"A coach without a coach is like a doctor who won’t see a doctor.  If you do not believe in the transformative power of coaching enough to have coaching yourself, how can expect potential clients to believe enough to invest with you?"

Steve Chandler, The Prosperous Coach

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